New Realtor Help Desk

Time for some straight talk! New Agents, you are delusional when it comes to selling real estates. You spent two weeks in real estate school and without realizing that the training you received was just to pass the exam, and now you think you are ready to go out there and make lots of money! Please tell me, how? I am interested to hear how you will do it. You have no infrastructure in place to build on. Also, your support system is non-existent. Where are the business and marketing plans, revenue forecast, listing presentation etc.? Did you put six months of money aside to tie you over until you collect your first commission check?

Are you telling me that the instructor forgot to tell you that bit of vital information, or were you just not paying attention? What about your start-up capital? Oh, yeah, did you forget about that as well? Do you have sales and business skills under your belt? Are you self-motivated and driven? Are your office managers and brokers providing you with effective training or is it more like the top agents just keeping their winning ideas to themselves and you get stuck doing open houses? Did they hand you the yellow pages and tell you to try farming techniques?

Agent, you are starting and running a small business. You will have expenses including your board dues, broker fees, business expenses, gas, and your personal expenses. The core of your business is to generating leads. Prospecting will become the lifeblood of the business growth if you are to survive. You are in the business of selling. The value you bring to the prospect in the real estate process, and with the Internet, generating leads prospecting becomes easy, when you have the right knowledge and guidance.

Statistics show that four out of five businesses fail in the first five years. Most are due to lack of funding. Some are due to lack of a business plan and recently, more are failing due to a generally poor business environment that is taking out a lot of older established and seasoned enterprises. When you join our Elite Online Membership Network we will show you:

• The best prospecting techniques

• How to qualify and listen to the customer

• How to research and know your market

• How to create and present the listing presentation

• Help with the transaction

• Negotiate the deal and much more

How can a new agent find success? You must get rid of desperate business practices that just do not work and join a group of professionals, like our team, that provides you with the tools and the processes needed to understand what you need to do to bring those checks to your account. We are available to you 24 /7, 365 days of the year to get you through the difficult stages. When you have question about the contract, HOA, the presentation, prospecting, to name a few you can find us at . We also provide you with additional products to put cash in your pocket until those commission checks start rolling in. Remember it takes 30-45 days to be paid and sometimes longer if there are issue with the title or anything else unforeseen. Go Register now!